Prince William and Prince Harry are rumored to have been feuding with each other for the past couple of months. But this week, the Duke of Cambridge reached out to his younger brother on social media.

The dad of three uploaded an adorable throwback photo of himself with Prince Harry and Princess Diana to commemorate 999 Day UK. In the post, the royal siblings are wearing matching attire while onboard a fire truck.

Prince William’s photo, which was uploaded on the Kensington Palace Instagram account, was taken in 1988 in the yard of the Old Fire Station. Also featured in the photo is Prince William and Prince Harry’s cousin Peter Phillips.

Shortly after uploading the photo online, royal fans couldn’t help but gush at Prince William’s sweet gesture. There are rumors that the royal siblings are still at odds with each other. As such, seeing a throwback photo of them on social media made some of their supporters very happy.

“I love this,” one royal fan wrote. “Nothing can break a sibling’s love especially when they’re so like their mommy. People can try and destroy that bond, but they never will,” the fan added.

Princess Diana’s fans couldn’t also help but contain their excitement upon seeing the late royal’s picture on the Kensington Palace Instagram feed. One of them said that it’s quite rare to see the Princess of Wales being mentioned on her son’s account.

“I know it’s silly, but I’m glad you updated this with Diana’s name mentioned,” one royal fan wrote. “It’s the first time I see a picture of Prince William and his loving mother together on his profile, and it is quite humbling and moving,” another fan wrote.

But another commenter clarified that this wasn’t the first time that Prince William posted about Princess Diana online. “Actually, there is already a picture with his mother on this profile,” the person commented. “They posted it when Prince William visited the same charity this year, as in the 1990s,” the fan added.

Another Princess Diana fan said that Prince William and Prince Harry used to post more pictures of their late mother online. In recent years, however, they haven’t been doing the same thing.

Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Prince William Princess Diana (L), Prince Harry, (C) and Prince William (R) gather for the commemorations of VJ Day, 19 August 1995, in London. JOHNNY EGGITT/AFP/Getty Images