From her public appearance in the front door of St. Mary’s hospital back in 2015, Princess Charlotte has smitten the world with her royal cuteness. The adorable young princess inherited not only royalty but also the distinct fashion style and sophistication of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Now the world cannot stop watching.

The second member of the British royal family and the only girl continues to shine with her charming princess acts. If you cannot get enough of this royal darling, then here are more adorable facts to make you love her even more.

Sweet Baby

Prince William described Charlotte as “very easy, she is sweet.” Even grandfather Prince Charles backed the Duke of Cambridge’s statement with Charlotte as a “better sleeper” when she was just five weeks old. 

Canadian Visit in 2016

When Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Canada for a royal tour in 2016, both Prince George and Princess Charlotte were with them. The little princess once again charmed the world when she played with animal balloons along with the children of military families. She enjoyed too much that she blurted the word “pop” for the first time.


While Princess Charlotte stands out from other toddlers because of her royalty status, she reminded everyone in one occasion that she is a toddler. Going back home from one of the royal tours, Charlotte does not seem to be eager to be in one of the facilities in Hamburg airport opposite of Prince George, who wanted to stay longer in his favorite place.

Charlotte gave her parents full-blown tantrums as she attempted to lay in the tarmac. But Kate stepped ahead and carried her up, preventing the meltdown. 

Perfect Waves and Smiles

Princess Charlotte began waving when she was just 1 year old, during her great-grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration. Her first wave was in the arms of her mother, who looked to be enjoying herself watching her little one wave for the first time in public.

From then on, Charlotte has been smiling and waving in every events and public appearances she is on. At the age of 3, many noticed how she almost perfected the smile and waves, mesmerizing the world yet once again.

Growing Up

Charlotte’s sweet demeanor shows the toddler side of her, but her taste for good things spells sophistication. Recent reports disclosed that the young princess loves to eat olives. Apart from the healthy snacking choice, Charlotte digs cooking cheesy pasta with mom and older brother George.

Other reports claimed that the three-year-old royalty is picking up some Spanish words, an influence that may come from Maria Turrion Borrallo, the Cambridge’s nanny.

“Peppa Pig,” Tennis and Marvin

Just like millions of toddlers, Charlotte has her own favorite television show — “Peppa Pig.” In addition to her favorite show, she also expressed interest in tennis as she cheered to different players while parents watched her.

Another cute fact: Charlotte loves to play with hamster pet Marvin and “she really likes it because the whiskers always tickle her face.”

What is next for our cute little princess?