The royal family lifted out the title Princess of Wales from Princess Diana, but the people crowned her the People’s Princess. Princess Diana may have won the public's heart, but she made a few enemies within the royal circle, including Princess Margaret.

The allegations and bitter turn of events between Prince Charles and Princess Diana led to the latter dishing out to the public on Prince Charles’ affairs. The royal family, especially Queen Elizabeth II, disapproved of the media’s attention to Princes Diana over the divorce.

The public is aware of the rift between the Queen and Princess Diana but not that between her and the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret. The late Princess Margaret had a strong reaction to Princess Diana’s revelation to the public about her marriage to Prince Charles.

Princess Margaret was not really enamored by Princess Diana’s charm, as claimed, mainly due to the fact that the Princess of Wales had upstaged her and the Queen. The gap became larger after Princess Diana’s interview in 1995, where she spilled more beans about her and Prince Charles.

“There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” declared Princess Diana on national television viewed by 23 million people. Those were the infamous lines that aggravated Princess Margaret’s hate toward Diana.

Princess Margaret is known to hold grudges against people who disappoint her, including Sarah Ferguson. It was said that she had tried everything in her power to clear Princess Diana away from her path. The royal sister has taken the alleged feud to the next level and has taken this hate to Princess Diana’s death.

The entire royal family members bowed to Princess Diana’s coffin. However, Princess Margaret gave Princess Diana’s coffin barely a nod when it was passed during her funeral.

Princess Margaret also warned her children about not talking to Princess Diana. The unforgiving princess also disposed of all magazines with a Princess Diana cover on it.

“Ninety-Nine Glimpses Of Princess Margaret,” written by Craig Brown, defended Princess Margaret’s hostility toward Diana. Princess Margaret was one of the first people to have welcomed Princess Diana with open arms. But Princess Margaret felt that Diana betrayed the entire royal family with her uncalculated actions.

If both of the royal princesses were alive today, the alleged cold war would have continued to wage on.

Princess Diana Princess Diana wearing a Jasper Conran suit during a visit to a community centre in Brixton, October 1983. Getty Images/Princess Diana Archive