Princess Diana is considered as one of the kindest women out there. Everyone knows her to be very gentle, charming and a lady with a big heart. That is why it came as a big shock when it was reported that she once badly hurt her stepmother in one of their altercations. 

According to Fox News, the Princess of Wales was staying at the family’s ancestral home in Althorp, England when she and her stepmother, Raine Spencer, started to argue. Their heated exchange of words escalated and the princess unleashed her fury by pushing the countess hard that she fell down the stairs. 

The incident happened in September 1989, 13 years after Princess Diana’s father married Raine. Di was also 28 years old at that time so her actions were unbelievable for a supposedly matured member of the British royal family. 

“She (Raine) was badly bruised and was dreadfully upset,” Sue Howe, Raine’s former personal assistant, revealed via the documentary titled the “Princess Diana’s ‘Wicked’ Stepmother.” “It was a cruel and heartless thing to do.”

Truly, it is hard to imagine that Prince William and Harry’s mother can lose her temper at this level where she gets physically violent to someone she doesn’t get along with. But this unimaginable thing really happened and it just showed that Princess Diana can be cruel too just like anybody else. 

It is apparent that the princess did not have a good relationship with her stepmother. She even called her father’s wife names like “Acid Raine” and she reportedly have fun uttering the words, “Raine, Raine, go away!”

Inside Edition reported that in the new documentary, Di’s former butler shared that the princess hated her stepmother because she dislikes the idea of someone filling in for her mother. In fact, as soon as their father introduced Raine to the family, she let her feelings known. 

"Diana was vulnerable and hurting and she didn't like this woman stepping into her mother's shoes," Paul Burrell, the princess’ former butler explained.

But in the end, there was a huge twist as Princess Diana and Raine Spencer became really close when the former’s marriage to Prince Charles started to fall apart. At that time, Raine also became a widow and although their circumstances are different, they bonded as they can understand how the other may feel with their husbands gone. 

"Diana was an outcast and Raine was an outcast as well,” Burell said. “And so they came together in the end and became great friends." 

Princess Diana Diana, Princess of Wales. Robert Sullivan/Flickr