Being one of the most followed couples by the media, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage is as picture perfect as it could get. However, the psychic of the late Princess Diana has a startling prediction for the royal couple, saying that the Duchess could be the cause of Harry’s future heartaches.

In an interview with ET Online, Simone Simmons says that Prince Harry’s marriage to the former Hollywood actress will only bring grief to him. Simmons revealed that she used to meet Princess Diana at Kensington Palace five times a week and even played some recordings of Lady Di’s phone messages left to her to prove their connection.

But that’s not Simmons’ most startling revelation at all. The psychic even claimed that she is still able to communicate with the late princess from beyond the grave. According to Simmons, Diana is very concerned with Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan. “She doesn’t want to see him hurt because he won’t be able to cope with that level of emotion and distress,” Simmons told ET Online.

Simmons claimed that the late Princess Diana thinks that Meghan will eventually get bored. This boredom will eventually cause some problems to the couple’s relationship. “She thinks that a few years down the line, Meghan, well, she’ll get very bored with Harry … She’s gonna have eyes for somebody else,” she said.

Apparently, the root of the problem could be Meghan’s attitude toward the marriage. According to the report, Meghan is more in love with the spotlight than with her husband. “She’s not really looking into Harry’s eyes and sink it in like William and Kate did,” Simmons revealed.

Fortunately, Simmons is not the only psychic Princess Diana got into contact with during her lifetime. Another medium, Sally Morgan, offered a more positive prediction for the royal couple. According to Morgan, Prince Harry and Meghan will have three children within three years.

What’s interesting is that according to the seer, the eldest child will have a happy childhood. “The new baby will be happy, funny and highly intelligent but quite manipulative and will want to be cuddled in the night, which will mean sleepless nights,” Morgan told The Sun.

Contrary to Simmons’ predictions, Morgan says that the late Princess Diana has no objections to the royal couple’s marriage. In fact, Lady Di is quite excited for the two. “I can feel how excited Diana would be and I know she will be desperate for Meghan to have a girl, as that is what she used to tell me she always wanted,” Morgan revealed.