A Texas man was arrested on Monday, March 14, after police officers found that he repeatedly tortured and killed a puppy in a hotel room, while the authorities are also investigating his link to similar dog killings and crimes near the area.

Twenty-seven-year-old Tyler Hastings Berry was staying at the Doubletree Suites when the staff of the hotel found a dead dog in the suspect's room during clean-up, calling the police who then brought a veterinarian to give their prognosis on their death, according to KXAN.

“During those 24-48 hours, the dog would have been slowly dying and experiencing an unimaginable amount of pain and suffering, until its eventual death,” police said, explaining that the dog had died due to being drowned.

Officers handling the case recognized Berry’s name, however, from two separate cases of animal cruelty, the first case being the killing of a puppy which was not adequately investigated due to a mix-up with the 311/911 systems that let the staff throw away the puppy before an officer could come, ABC affiliate KVUE reported.

The second case was two puppies at another hotel who died due to lack of medical care, with hypodermic needles found on the scene. The two puppies were found in the trash can of the hotel room on two separate days, according to Law&Crime.

“After the first puppy was found and removed, hotel staff did not clean out the room until the following day,” the report said. “Upon emptying out the same trashcan where the first puppy was found, a second deceased puppy was found buried down in the bottom of the trashcan.”

Berry’s girlfriend has said that he would order puppies and dogs online from Facebook, which would then disappear after a few days. She reportedly would ask about where the puppies were and he would tell her that he found people that would adopt or take care of them.

“Berry told her that he gave them away or that they ran away, but that his stories about the dogs was always ‘fuzzy,’” the police said.

As the investigation of the case continues, Berry is still being kept in jail pending a bail hearing. He has no legal representation at the moment, so it is unclear if he will be provided an attorney or if he will be defending himself in court.

At least four animal deaths have been linked to Tyler Hastings Berry, a Texan resident who is being charged with animal cruelty after a drowned puppy was found in his hotel room. This is a representational image. Elena Mozhvilo/Unsplash.

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