A first aid training instructor shows how to drag a soldier from the battlefield during a first aid training
Russian Troops Flee From Ukrainian Shells In Strike Caught On Video Photo by Alexey Furman/Getty Images

Russian wounded soldiers are reportedly being slaughtered rather than being given medical treatment.

As multiple soldiers lay injured, a Lieutenant-Colonel reportedly shot them dead, according to Mirror. The commander asked one injured soldier if he could walk, and when the man replied he could not, the officer killed him, alleged captured soldiers. This comes from young army intelligence soldiers who are captured by the Ukrainians. The captured soldiers are shown speaking in a video made by Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Zolkin.

One soldier shared how Putin’s commanders had “finished off their wounded." Explaining, the soldier said that a "wounded soldier is lying on the ground, and a battalion’s commander shoots him dead from a gun.” He shared that the wounded soldier was a young man and he was on the ground. The captured soldier said that the injured man was asked if he could walk, so "he was shot dead with a gun.” Another soldier said that this "wasn’t a single case."

A third soldier said that the Lieutenant-Colonel shot "four or five like this.” He added that they could have been rescued, "given help, taken out of there. He simply shot them dead.” It is not clear where in Ukraine the alleged shooting of injured soldiers by their commander happened.

Meanwhile, Putin is said to be so personally involved in the Russia-Ukraine war that he is making decisions "at the level of a Colonel or Brigadier." Putin’s troops suffered defeat as they tried on several occasions to cross a strategic river in the east of Ukraine, reported The Sun. After two battalions were wiped out at the Donets river last week, the Russian President is said to be taking charge of his soldiers' movements in Donbas himself.

Putin is still working closely with General Valery Gerasimov, the commander of the Russian armed force, said a source. The source added that they think Putin and Gerasimov are involved in "tactical decision making at a level we would normally expect to be taken by a Colonel or a Brigadier." The source further added that if the Russian leader is doing the job of a brigade commander then he could be "delving into a force that could be as small as 700 to 1,000 soldiers."

Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves Red Square after the Victory Day military parade in central Moscow on May 9, 2022. - Russia celebrates the 77th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany during World War II. Photo by Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP via Getty Images

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