After a video of a baby being raped went viral, a Russian soldier was arrested.

In Russian media, Alexei Bychkov was named as the soldier arrested and it is thought the video originates from the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, according to Mirror. If it's true then it would be the latest Russian abomination to shock the world. The viral clip was posted on Telegram and other social media sites. Only few details about the video have been confirmed. The man reportedly sent vile images and videos to a fellow soldier and it spread from there.

This comes at a time when Kremlin troops have repeatedly been accused of war crimes and genocide. Russian troops were recently accused of setting up a torture chamber in Ukraine and burning a child and his parents alive, reported Mirror. Ukrainian troops had found the charred remains of the boy and his family. The ­civilians appeared to have been tortured and mutilated in an ­outbuilding before they were set on fire, said officials. The burnt remains of the family were found in the basement of a house in Husarivka, a village near Kharkiv.

Ukrainian police said that while documenting the crimes of the Russian military, "investigators found three mutilated and tortured bodies in the basement of a household," and that the identities of the dead "are being established." The police said that according to the investigation, the "examination of the bodies revealed traces of prolonged abuse and torture."

Amid horror stories emerging from Ukraine, a surgeon claimed that Russian troops have filled children's toys with explosives in a "barbaric" effort to kill civilians. The sickening tactic is being done to break the resistance of the Ukrainian population, believes Oleksandr Yatsyna, who is treating the wounded in Kyiv. He said that first they had the "catastrophic injuries from the bombs, then the shooting, next the mines scattered along the roads but worst of all are the stuffed toys filled with explosives."

According to him, Russian troops are targeting families.

Previously, Russia's United Nations Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said that Russian troops are not targeting civilians. While Bucha was under Russian control, he said that "not a single civilian suffered from any kind of violence."

Baby wearing a mask
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