Zelensky Tells Russian Soldiers: 'You Still Have A Chance To Survive' Getty Images | ROSTISLAV NETISOV/AFP

Amid Ukraine invasion, Russian soldiers are eating dogs for meat, revealed an unverified intercepted radio chat between Russian troops. It was also revealed that soldiers had raped a teen girl.

The Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) reportedly obtained an audio in which the troops talked in their native language. They discussed the vile acts to others over the radio. According to Daily Star, the SSU is responsible for gathering facts on Russian war crimes for the Hague.

They use email, chatbots, hotlines and messenger apps for the purpose. A man was heard saying that three tank men raped a 16-year-old girl, in translated comments, which Express was not able to verify.

The speaker in the conversation seemed to say that he had stumbled across three comrades in a tank. A man said in the first clip, “We have three tank guys here,” and that they "raped a girl.” Interrupting, a woman asked who did it. The man replied saying that it was the three tankers, and the girl was 16 years old. The woman asked if he was talking about “our guys," then the man responded by saying “yep."

The woman could be heard swearing in Russian then the next audio clip opened with a male voice asking another man, “Are you eating okay at least?” The second male voice responded by saying, “Not too bad," and shared that they had "Alabay (dog) yesterday." When asked if they were eating dogs, the second man said that they had as they "wanted some meat." While they had ready-to-eat meals on hand, they were “sick of them."

Meanwhile, Russia might have committed war crimes by murdering civilians and destroying hospitals in its attack on Ukraine, top United Nations human rights official Michelle Bachelet said on Wednesday.

According to her, administrative buildings, homes, hospitals and schools, "water stations and electricity systems have not been spared." Bachelet noted that indiscriminate attacks are prohibited under "international humanitarian law and may amount to war crimes." She shared that her office had got credible allegations that Russian troops had made use of cluster munitions in populated places at least 24 times during the invasion which began in February.

A Texas man reportedly shot his neighbor to death following a heated argument after the neighbor's dog ran into his neighborhood on Friday, April. 15. This is a representational image. Pixabay.