'Que Te Perdone Dios' Finale Spoilers: How Did Univision Telenovela Starring Zuria Vega, Mark Tacher End In Last Episode?

'Que Te Perdone Dios' Univision Finale
Find out what happened on the last episode of the Univision telenovela 'Que Te Perdone Dios' starring Zuria Vega and Mark Tacher. Televisa

We are extremely sad that "Que Te Perdone Dios" has ended on Univision. Night by night, we were trapped by this Caridad Bravo Adams original starring Zuria Vega and Mark Tacher. It had a great cast that also included Rebecca Jones, Sergio Goyri, Sabine Moussier, Ferdinando Valencia, Laisha Wilkins, Altair Jarabo, Alejandro Avila, Rene Strickler, Manuel Ojeda, Ana Bertha Espín and many more. During this final week Renata (Jones) went into a coma after getting shot in the chest by Diana (Altair Jarabo), saving Abigail's life. Fausto then takes Diana's eyes out (literally) and she jumps off a cliff because she can't live like that anymore.

Abigail finds out that Renata is her mother and although she previously said she couldn't forgive a lie like that, she reconsiders and says she would forgive Renata because she's always been there for her. Diego (Ferdinando Valencia) finds out Fausto is his father, when he gets a gun to shoot him, he accidentally shoots Mateos' mother. The latter takes the blame for it and ends up in jail for his brother. Everything is so twisted, but we love it. On the LAST EPISODE... Renata finds out that Ximena (but it's Daniela) is pregnant with Patricio's child. He explains that she was artificially inseminated because she was threatening him to harm Renata. She ends up forgiving him and reveals that Ximena actually has a twin.

Meanwhile, Ximena acting like Daniela goes back to her home. Father Tomás barges in and asks her if the baby she is expecting is his, she lies and tells him it is. Later, Patricio comes in and asks for an explanation. He wants to know the truth. Ximena reveals that for many years, Daniela took her place in their marriage. She threatens him with a gun, but the police arrive and arrest her. Mateo is out of jail now. Abigail is then kidnapped by Fausto as he still highly desires her. Fausto forces himself on Abigail and is ready to take advantage of her. In that moment, Diego appears and takes him off of her. Mateo unties Abigail and as she is running a gun shot is head. Fausto was able to escapa and shoot Diego. The poor guy had a horrible life and was truly never happy, he dies as there's nothing to be done for him.

Fausto finds Renata and points the gun to her head. As he is about to shoot her, police arrive and take control of the situation. In a moment, Fausto regains control of the gun and shoots police that are standing by. Fausto, threatens the police Chief with the gun, he wants to run away but Patricio manages to confuse him. As Fausto is about to run away, Macaria appears and shoots him. Five years pass by and Mateo and Abigail are remembering their friend Diego. Max is free from jail and free from leukemia, living happily with his wife Teodora. We find out Ximena ended up in an asylum, yelling "I am not Daniela, get me out of here." Toño officiates the wedding. Abigail and Mateo get married and fly off in a hot air balloon. THE END!

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