The British royal family appears to have a "royal war" brewing between Prince Andrew and the heirs to the throne Prince Charles and Prince William, with many experts in the royal circle concerned as to where the conflict will be leading towards.

The Queen, concerned about Prince Andrew’s “welfare” and “state of mind” in his life after he was forced to step back on royal duties due to the Virginia Giuffre civil sexual assault case, had reportedly convinced her embattled son to participate in the Garter Day celebrations in order to slowly return him to public royal life, according to FOX.

“[This is] how the original invitation became… Andrew, who missed the Platinum Jubilee celebrations after testing positive for COVID, is said to be keen for a return to royal duties and this seemed the ideal way of doing it,” royal expert Neil Sean said.

However, once the guest list for Garter Day was publicized, sources close to Prince William and Charles openly stated that the two were against Andrew returning to public royal life, and successfully lobbied with the Queen to remove him from the line-up before the actual event, Yahoo! reported.

“If York insisted on taking part publicly, he would withdraw,” a senior aide said about William’s ultimatum about Prince Andrew’s participation.

Andrew was reportedly “crushed” and “confused” about the reported stonewalling between him and the two senior royals, with royal expert Daniela Elser believing that the fight between the princes may lead to a “royal war” between the three, according to The News International.

“William and Charles, fretting about just how much damage one puffed-up duke might do the monarchy before it’s their chance to run the show versus the various HRHs who would seem to think they have gotten a bum deal and want a bigger helping of what they (or at least Andrew) think is rightfully theirs,” she said.

“This situation, unless it’s managed very carefully, could lead to an all-out royal war.”

The brewing war between Andrew and the other royals has been compared to the War of the Roses by Elser, especially as many analysts as well as Prince Charles and William themselves believe that allowing Andrew back into the fold would damage the monarchy irreparably.

“While no one is likely to lose an appendage in a muddy paddock anytime soon, today we have another Duke of York whose ego and sense of entitlement looks set to spark a new royal civil war,” Elser said. “The moral of the story is, things don’t end well for greedy dukes, a lesson Andrew would do well to learn and quick sticks.”

Prince Andrew was reportedly pushed out of the Garter Day guestlist at the last minute after Prince William and Charles reportedly lobbied for his name to be removed by the Queen. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images.

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