The sport of tennis is often categorized as a show that rarely reflects the better angels of our nature. It's where self-importance, arrogance, and a prevalent selfishness plays itself on and off the court. But for one day at least, a ray of humanity popped out for a change.

It happened in Mallorca, Spain during an exhibition doubles match in which Rafael Nadal, along with Simon Solbas were playing Carlos Moya and John McEnroe. Nadal, a 14-time Grand Slam winner is opening a academy in his home island. On this day, Rafael justified himself and his dream to many who would not think twice about sending their kids to his tennis school.

Why is this you ask? During these matches the crowd is usually quiet when the players engage on the court as a sign of respect. But there was a sudden commotion in the stands as cameras recorded a mother searching and shouting for her daughter Anna. Nadal, who was serving stopped and as a result re-directed everyone's attention to the lost child. The child was spotted by bystanders soon after.

The image of the mother hugging her crying toddler brought applause from the spectators and a smile to Nadal. John McEnroe even looked close to tears. John knows very well the quality individual Rafa is.

It was only a year ago when Nadal first showed his public selflessness. At another exhibition at SPORTIME Stadium on Randall's Island in New York City, Nadal was invited to play by John McEnroe to help raise funds for the Johnny Mac Tennis Project. John said of him at that time: "He is a first-class individual and has proven to be one of the best players of all time."

The aim of the exhibition was to help finance tennis opportunities for those who had the talent but not the finances to pursue what for many is viewed as a sport for the haves. Nadal agreed to attend for free. He played Lleyton Hewitt in a singles duel and spoke then about opening an academy for kids in Spain then. A year later Nadal showed why he is the nicest man in Professional Tennis.

It's refreshing to see that caring touch extendsing beyond the court. And by the way, Rafa and Solbas won the match in three sets.