The next trailer of “Rambo 5: Last Blood” will be releasing soon. Lead cast member Sylverster Stallone, who will be reprising his titular role, announced online that he will share the video on his personal Instagram page.

The next trailer will be shared on Aug. 20, which is next Tuesday, on Stallone’s Instagram page. “When you hurt a man’s family , you just dug your own Grave,” the actor wrote in the post, teasing one of his character’s dialogues from the movie.

The upcoming film is the last time that Stallone will be reprising this iconic role. The actor compared the look of his character in 2019 to the first movie that was released way back in 1982 in the INstagram post.

The plot of both the first and the last film from the franchise is revenge, but with a slight difference. In the 1982 film the Vietnam veteran wanted to take revenge on the local cops in America after they pushed him with their brutality after unjustly arresting him. In the upcoming film, he will take on a Mexican cartel for kidnapping someone close to him.

The postproduction phase of development is complete, and “Rambo 5: Last Blood” is ready to be released in theaters worldwide. Stallone recently shared a picture from the studio to announce the completion of the film. In the post, the actor thanked the team members who work hard behind-the-scenes after the cast members finish filming their scenes.

Stallone wrote that while the actors “get the glory,” a film is actually successful because of all the hard work hundreds of unseen members of the team put in behind-the-scenes.  The actor shared a picture of him with some of these team members online.

“Rambo 5: Last Blood” is directed by Adrian Grunberg. The film will be released in September 20, 2019.

Rambo 5 Next trailer of "Rambo 5" will be released on Aug. 20. Rambo/Facebook