A 27-year-old woman was raped on April 25, 2015 by two of her co-workers. According to Animal Politico, the young woman was drugged and sexually assaulted by the two men after a night of drinks. After coming back to her senses, the girl, who decided to remain anonymous, turned to the authorities to report the crime. Nothing has been done in order to capture her aggressors.

This case is just one of the 3,813 rape files authorities have registered in Mexico City between the years 2011 and 2015, these are also included in the 68% of official reports that have yet to be addressed in court. Security and Justice specialist agree on the fact that there’s a lack of commitment on behalf of Governmental functionaries, who seem to have fallen in bad habits and are not taking the necessary measures to solve these crimes.

According to statistics provided by TSJ (Tribunal Superior de Justicia), 738 attackers received jail sentences for sex crimes in the last four years. That means that only 19% of the suspects were legally punished.

“The lack of serious and detailed regimens is causing the files to accumulate and therefore, being discarded,” says Adivac’s spokesperson Rosalba Cruz. She also added that Mexico City is also going through a degenerate stage due to the fact that most of the reported victims are young women and little girls.

According to reports published by the United Nations, 7 out of 10 women experience some sort of sexual violence at some point in their lives. Their statistics show that women between the ages of 15 and 44 have more probabilities of being raped in the privacy of their own home, than suffering from cancer or malaria, and even being in a car accident.