A man believed to be on drugs died on Thursday, Dec. 22, after reportedly breaking into a British expat's apartment with the intent of raping her.

The deceased was identified as Jacques Freitas who headbutted a glass pane as he gave chase to the unnamed woman at a luxury condominium in Salvador, Brazil, the Daily Mail reported.

Freitas initially forced his way through a metal barrier and was believed to be high on drugs. The whole scene was captured in CCTV footage, showing how the civil servant dived head-first through a glass panel that left him with a deep cut and profusely bleeding.

At some point, the man walked past a Christmas tree, approaching the horrified woman who he allegedly intended to force into having sex with. But in the footage, it could be seen how Freitas was bleeding profusely, leaving a trail of blood along the floor property.

The woman tried to run away from Freitas as he approached. Despite being badly injured, the attacker still managed to take off his shorts as the woman was fighting him off.

The British expat managed to run out of her apartment and towards the outdoor swimming pool of the property. As Freitas was giving chase, he collapsed at the edge of the pool apparently because of the blood that he lost.

Authorities continue to investigate the case. It was added that cannabis, magic mushrooms, and other pills were found inside the flat of the deceased.

"It was a night of terror. I've never seen anything like it," the building manager, Rita Pires, stated. "Even injured, he still managed to run. His hand was broken, he was limp, shaking, and he managed to run after the girl into the pool area."

Pires also added that the woman had been living there for a year and was left in a state of shock as a result of the attack.

"She's so in shock, she didn't sleep last night [Thursday], she spent the whole night awake," the building manager quipped.

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