American rapper, DaBaby has been charged with felony battery for allegedly beating a man during a music video shoot in December 2021.

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, also known professionally as DaBaby, is facing criminal charges for beating a man who claimed he suffered for trying to stop the rapper's entourage from shooting a music video on his property. TMZ reported that the property manager Gary Pagar has filed a lawsuit against the rapper, claiming he sustained severe injuries from trying to shut down a video shoot at his rental property.

According to reports, DaBaby, 30, and his crew agreed to keep the number of guests to 12 during their week-long stay at the Los Angeles mansion in December. However, Pagar received complaints that the "Levitating" rapper had repeatedly violated the agreement, so he checked on the situation himself on Dec. 2, 2021.

As Pagar arrived at the shoot venue, he found about 40 people outside the house, all shooting for the video. Pagar then tried to resolve the situation by discussing it with DaBaby, but he was shoved to the ground by a member of his entourage, which was caught on video obtained by TMZ.

The lawsuit was filed in February, claiming that the rapper told his friend to get off of the rule-enforcer, but DaBaby then punched Pagar in the face and knocked out a tooth.

Meanwhile, Stunna 4 Vegas, an artist signed to DaBaby's label, released the "Play U Lay" music video on Dec. 5, featuring Jake Paul. The said music video, which DaBaby directed, was uploaded days after the incident.

DaBaby is also known to be involved in a Nov. 2018 shooting of an 18-year-old in a North Carolina Walmart. Videos resurfaced online showing DaBaby as the initial aggressor; still, his lawyer is claiming self-defense.

Another viral video previously showed DaBaby swinging on his own artist, rapper Wisdom. However, that got overshadowed after he reportedly shot a home intruder in April.

DaBaby's brother, Brandon Bills, is also pressing charges against the rapper after allegedly attacking him, leaving him injured, at a bowling alley in North Carolina in February.

Rapper DaBaby
Rapper DaBaby (center) is seen attending the Donda 2 Official After Party at XXIII Club on February 22, 2022 in Miami, Florida. Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images

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