People with money to spare will resort to the craziest things to stand out. But in the case of rapper Lil Uzi Vert, showing off a surface piercing job that involved an expensive and rare diamond is something only a few would dare do.

The rapper debuted the new accessory on Wednesday through a video showing off a pink diamond attached to his forehead. Such a thing may only be seen in fictional shows like “Titans” which showed one of the main characters (Raven) sporting one.

But in real life, it would take a careful and expert procedure to see such a piercing job done. Vice President of the Association of Professional Piercers Luis Garcia sheds more light on it, saying it was simply piercing.

"It looks like he has what we would call a vertical bridge piercing, as in the bridge of the nose. That would be an actual piercing with a staple shape barbell that enters at one point, exits at another, and then the big diamond attaches to that bar on the front," Garcia explained to Yahoo Life.

He adds that it is not super common among typical circles but fairly common among people who are into piercing. Except for the diamond estimated to be worth $24 million, it is something that can be done.

Lil Uzi Vert explained that the piercing job was something he had wanted to be done for a long time. He explained on Twitter that he had been paying for the stone from a jeweler at Elliante and Co. since 2017.

However, he was thrown a question on why he did not just attach it to a ring instead of his forehead. Here was his response:

“I’m literally tryna turn into a diamond,” he tweeted.

For those not used to seeing piercing jobs, Garcia admits that it could look scary. He added that inquiries were made if it is something that could be done although the piercing expert does not encourage it.

"The hard thing, I would say, you have responsible piercers who would say no to doing something like that. But at the same time, just like in any other business, you have people that aren’t as responsible or businesses that don’t necessarily care that much about quality,” he explained.

As for health risks, Garcia explained that the only worry for such is a skin infection – especially if the skin starts rejecting it and pushes it out of place.

"Overall, not super risky," Garcia quipped. "Worst case, he’s gonna end up with a scar when the piercing rejects or fails, depending on how long he keeps it in."

Lil Uzi Vert attends Allure Monday Nights at Allure Gentlemen's Club Lil Uzi Vert attends Allure Monday Nights at Allure Gentlemen's Club Getty Images | Prince Williams/ Wireimage