A 41-year-old man who was recently arrested for assaulting a 12-year-old girl had plenty of help carrying out his mischievous deeds. The shocking part of it all is that the man, identified as Brent Cox, was aided by his wife and girlfriend. Further adding a twist to it all is that the girlfriend was allegedly the victim’s mother.

These were the details shared by the Fresno County Sheriff deputies after arresting Cox’s wife and the mother of the minor. Both were charged with conspiracy to coming ongoing sexual acts against a child, the Sacramento Bee reported.

“This case is a terrible case,” Fresno sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Pursell said. “There’s a lot of detail that’s too horrific to discuss. It’s very tragic for our victim. We’re hoping that this stops here today.”

The latest arrests come not long after authorities apprehended Cox for the sexual abuse of a minor. Deputies described the Fresno man as a predator.

The arrest of the two women came after deputies served a search warrant at a house along Princeton Avenue in central Fresno. Additionally, all three were reportedly in an open relationship and that the sexual abuse setup had been going on for a long time, the Fresno Bee reported.

As far as the victim’s mother, she had known about the child abuse since May. She was previously arrested for attempting to dissuade and intimidate the victim from cooperating.

“It is very unique for us to charge a conspiracy charge, especially in an ongoing sexual abuse case,” Pursell said. “If nothing else, it speaks to how egregious the case is.”

Officials add that Cox brainwashed the child, convincing her to believe that their acts were ok. According to authorities, predators usually groom the children to assure them that the (sexual) act was normal.

The victim has already been moved out of the home and was transferred to a safe place. As for Cox, he remains in custody at the Fresno City Jail and is ineligible for bail.

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