People dealing with drinking problems could get out of control at times, a reason why it would be best for them to undergo proper rehabilitation. Things could get out of hand and such is the case of a mother who simply lost it and ended up killing her two-year-old son.

The woman suspect, identified as D.Parameshwari, is from Ramannaguda village in Chevella Mandal of Ranga Reddy district. Per reports, everything stemmed from a dispute about the woman’s drinking problem.

Parameshwari lived with her husband D.Shiva Kumar and their son, D.Dhanush Kumar. The man’s parents also lived with them but the drinking problem of the 22-year-old mother was totally out of hand. She often picked fights with her husband and in-laws and things just turned ugly late Tuesday.

According to police statements, Parameshwari was drunk again at the time and got into an altercation with her father-in-law, D.Venkataiah. He questioned the young mother’s drinking problem and neglecting their child and responsibilities.

However, it appears there was a precedent to this altercation. Other reports suggest that it was Venkataiah’s, a paralytic patient, smoking that sparked the commotion. The father-in-law was advised not to smoke but continued. It was here where the quarrel between him and Parameshwari began.

It remains unclear if the argument went from bad to worse, leading to the drinking problem of the 2-year-old mother. But with allegations that she was drunk at the time, somehow ties up to Parameshwari losing control of her senses and doing something she will now regret.

Parameshwari allegedly picked up their youngest child and took him into a room where she throttled the boy to death with her own hands.

Venkatesh did not immediately realize what was going on. When he rushed into the room, the baby was already dead. Everyone in the household was shocked by the development and immediately lodged a complaint at the Chevella police station. Parameshwari was taken into custody while the infant’s body was transported to the Government Hospital in Chevella for autopsy.

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