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Rap music, commonly referred to as hip-hop, began in the Bronx in New York City and is now 50 years old.

With "Hip-Hop X Siempre," a campaign that includes curated and exclusive programming, editorial content (including an Amazon Original by Eladio Carrión), and experiential activations, Amazon Music explores the intersection between Latin and hip-hop and how they are influencing youth culture today to recognize this movement.

"Latinos have been an inherent part of hip-hop from its start, and hip-hop continues to inspire our culture and past, present and future generations," said Rocio Guerrero, head of Global Latin, Amazon Music.

"Latino artists take inspiration from hip-hop beats and lyrics, infusing them with traditional Latin rhythms to make the genre our own, ultimately aiding its global reach and relevance.

'Hip-hop X Siempre' pays respect to this shared history and its impact on our culture by highlighting the diverse and intergenerational voices of the movement."

"Hip-Hop X Siempre" will trace the genre's evolution within the Latino community and music culture by highlighting influential Latino contributors.

"Hip-hop is my closest friend; it's always been there for me," says rapper Eladio Carrión, Hola reported.

"It was a rebellious act to listen to it, even more rebellious to join it and become a rapper when they [my family] wanted me to be a traditional mariachi singer," says Snow Tha Product.

"You know what I mean? They wanted me to be a Catholic woman and get married, do all these things, and then I've become what I am now."

"If it weren't for hip-hop, I wouldn't know what I'd be doing. [Hip-hop] became my life, my family, the reason my son's going to have a good life."

"Hip-hop is respect for the spoken word," says Residente. "To use the power of spoken word as a tool for social change."

In addition to adding new playlists, including "Hip-Hop x Siempre," "Sin Filtro," "pov: ur hyped," "Puro Trap," and "Puro Rap," Amazon Music worked with legendary producer, rapper, and DJ Tony Touch to create the original score "Toca's Theme."

The tune is part of the brand spot, teaser, and documentary with visuals created by Puerto Rican multidisciplinary artist and storyteller COVL.

The "Hip Hop X Siempre" documentary, executive produced by Jessy Terrero, will look to the past to remember and celebrate the Latinos who were a foundational part of hip-hop.

In addition to iconic characters from Latin America and the Caribbean, the clip will include performers from the East and West Coasts of the United States.

Both renowned musicians like Fat Joe, B-Real, N.O.R.E., and Residente as well as more recent arrivals like Eladio Carrión, Myke Towers, Alemán, Snow Tha Product, Villano Antillano, and Trueno will be included on the show.

On May 24, the documentary will have its live, international premiere.

This will be followed by a panel discussion at a special event in New York.

"Hip-Hop X Siempre" is running concurrently with "50 & Forever," an Amazon Music initiative to commemorate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

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