Raúl González Leaves 'Despierta América'
After 12 years of fronting Univision's morning show, Raúl González said farewell to all the Hispanic viewers. Univision

The "happiest home on television" was a bit sad today as long time presenter Raúl González said goodbye to "Despierta América" this morning after 12 years. During the last segment of the breakfast show Alan Tacher mentioned that Alberto Ciurana, President of Programming & Content at Univision, tweeted a message confirming Raúl's exit. "Thank you for 12 years my dear Raúl González. We respect your decision of resigning from 'Despierta América.' You will be in our hearts," Tacher read. The whole cast was right by the Venezuelan presenter to show their support as he confirmed the news and said farewell.

"Effectively my friends, today is my last day at Univision, the house that has been my home for the last 12 years," Raúl González told viewers. "I am leaving because I want to take a break, I am leaving with the illusion of doing new things. You know that human beings complete cycles and the same way I arrived 13 years ago to 'Despierta América' and I fulfilled the dream of working here, as a human being I want to find new horizons." Raul's co-hosts like Karla Martinez, Johnny Lozada, Satcha Pretto and Alan Tacher found out that he had not reach an agreement with the network a day prior, leaving them with a couple hours to digest the news prior to this morning's official announcement.

"I want to make it clear that from my heart I leave the loveliest and happiest family that I've had had in my career. I want to thank everyone, if I name all of them I will not have time," he continued. "I want to thank Karla, Ana, Ximena, Johnny, Alan, Satcha, thanks for being my partners in crime, because I've always said that the success is not just one person, it is this team that has helped me grow professionally. I want to thank the production, the crew because you are the best, you are a winning team. I also want to thank from my soul, you, at home, thank you for having me in your home from the happiest home in Hispanic television, for letting me say 'Good morning por la mañana'. I want you to know that I will always love you."

Karla, who worked with Raúl the longest on the morning show, also added a few words. "I promised not to cry, but I couldn't keep my promise, I'm sorry," the host said as she broke down. "He was a great teacher, the best co-worker, he always had a smile and had a great capacity to bring everyone together. We have laughed, we have cried and overcome obstacles together. That is what is lovely about life, this what you see here is a family and just like [Raúl] said we want to thank you for letting us show us that side of our lives. All families have someone that migrate and go looking for their dreams, this is Raul's case. He has now decided to migrate and look for a dream and we all support you, you count on all of us and this is for you." Watch Raúl González's farewell down below and tell us if you're sad he wont be on "Despierta América" anymore!

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