Rebecca Ann Sedwick, Bullied 12-Year-Old Florida Girl, Commits Suicide After Being ‘Terrorized’ By Cyber Bullies [VIDEO]

Rebecca Ann Sedwick
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Rebecca Ann Sedwick committed suicide by jumping to her death on Monday after non-stop cyber-bullying drove the girl to the act. Her body was found by police at 2:30am Tuesday morning. Sedwick had gone to an old cement plant in order to take her own life. Police believe Sedwick jumped from one of three possible ledges on the old building. The height of the three platforms reach from 19 to 60-feet, meaning that is how far the girl would have fallen when she jumped. Officials investigating the girl's death are looking to file any charged they can against the 15 cyber bullies harassing her.

Rebecca Ann Sedwick was constantly attacked by other girls via Facebook. The bullies would torment her with questions asking why she was still alive and statements telling Sedwick to kill herself. Police found numerous hate messages directed at Sedwick. Parents of all 15 girls are reported to be cooperating with the authorities in the investigation. Police have confiscated numerous laptops and cellphones belonging to the alleged bullies. "If we get any evidence of a criminal offense, the person or persons involved will be punished," said Polk County Sherriff Grady Judd to various media outlets.

Before taking her own life Sedwick had researched methods in which to do it. Her outlook on life became very bleak and after reading some of the messages sent to her the police say she stopped defending herself and became defeated by what the other girls were saying. The 12-year-old Florida girl had given up and was beaten down. Search terms Sedwick was found to have looked up include "How many over the counter drugs do you take to die?" and "How many Advil do you have to take to die?"

Sedwick met a boy her age on a social media site. The 12-year-old North Carolina boy was the only one who knew of Sedwick's plan to kill herself. A few hours before her death Sedwick sent a message to the boy saying "I'm jumping, I can't take it anymore." Sedwick is reported to have also changed her name on a free messaging site to "That Dead Girl" when she began to sink further into her depression. If the evidence gathered by police is enough to prove a crime the girls may be charged with cyber stalking under Florida law because Sedwick was under 16 at the time of the abuse. "If you bully somebody online and it's reported to us and we can build a credible case, we will charge you," Judd said to the Associated Press.

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