Flea first pitch 2
Red Hot Chili Pepper's bassist, "Flea" throws out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodgers Stadium Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist and Los Angeles native, Flea, threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night. The life long Dodger fan and Rock N’ Roll Hall of Famer, is no stranger to the Dodgers, as he has played the national anthem before multiple Dodgers games throughout the years.

We sat down with Flea before the game, to ask him how he felt before throwing out the first pitch in front of 40,000 screaming fans.

Latin Times: Are you nervous at all to throw out the first pitch in front of this crowd?

Flea: I’m not nervous, I’ve played in front of large crowds before.

LT: But what if you throw out a first pitch like Rapper 50-Cent did before the New York Mets game?

Flea: I’m not worried about doing what 50 cent did.

LT: Who would you like to catch for you tonight?

Flea: I’m hoping A.J. Ellis will catch for me, I hear he’s the perfect catch. (pun intended).

LT: What sign would you like him to flash you? A one? Maybe a two?

Flea: I’m hoping he calls for either my curve or sinker.

LT: Which is your better pitch?

Flea: Actually my knuckleball, it’s unhittable.

Flea wore a number “333” Dodgers jersey and was given a huge ovation when he was introduced to the Los Angeles crowd. Flea who warmed up for about thirty minutes before throwing at the ceremonial gave the non-existent batter a little chin music as his pitch sailed high and inside.

Flea went on to rev up the crowd by taking the mic before the actual first pitch and yelled out Vin Scully’s immortal pregame words: “It’s Time For Dodgers Baseball!”

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