René Pérez Joglar, former member of reggaeton group "Calle 13" recently released his first solo album, which he calls "Residente," his nickname during his Calle 13 years. The first single that comes out of this record is "Desencuentro," a song that's already found its place in the top spots of musical platforms like Spotify and iTunes.

The track, sung in Spanish and French, counts with the collaboration of French singer and actress SoKo (Stéphanie Sokolinski). According to Residente, "Desencuentro" discovers the story of two people who, although they are soulmates, they can never truly find each other.

"It's about two people who could be soulmates, but go through life in different orbits," Pérez said about the song. "Even if they know each other, they can never, truly match. The same thing happens between the people we know, countries and moments in general. Mismatching can happen with so many things."

About the composition of the song he also confessed this process was very natural, pure and devoted to the art. "Art must prevail, so the concept must go beyond the musical notes and harmonies that you build with them. It includes, of course, lyrics, accents, voices, nuances, sound effects, how you develop all the elements and the place each one occupies. The concept shapes the idea, defines a style and sets the mood. A good concept manages to turn the most minimalist project into a grandiose one," he added.

For this new album, that comes along a documentary and a website, Pérez Joglar took inspiration from a DNA test he took years ago. Then, he documented his journey throughout all of the countries and regions that have formed a part of his genetic makeup from Armenia to Africa, as exposed in Austin 360.

"I don't want to sound arrogant," he told Rolling Stone "but it's really easy to make another hit. I don't want to do it because the industry pushes you to do that, so, I decided to travel and trace my DNA… using music."

About the new name he wants people to call him he explained Rolling Stone, "People still know me by Calle 13, and you know, they stop me on the street. It's nice, but I just want to start using Residente all the time. I decided to put everything under the name of Residente. The documentary: Residente. The album: Residente. I'm writing a book about the travels and the pictures and all of the creative process, and it's going to be Residente also."

The song, composed by Residente, Francis Perez and Soko, and produced by Residente, was recorded at Electric Lady Studios (NY). Residente will be presenting "Desencuentro" along with the other songs of his new album, as part of his world tour.

The first part of the tour will begin on June 17 in Mexico City, followed by France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Argentina, Chile and Puerto Rico. Soon, Residente will begin their world tour of concerts.