Ricardo Medina Jr., a Puerto Rican actor who participated in several "Power Rangers" productions as the red superhero, pleaded guilty for murdering his roommate at their apartment in Los Angeles, California. 

Los Angeles County prosecutor's office confirmed the news through a statement, certifying Joshua Sutter was killed by Medina with a sword during a fight over the actor’s girlfriend.

The 38-year-old artist was arrested in February 2015 and the case was under investigation looking for evidence until the actor finally decided to confess his act.   

In court, Josh Sutter’s father, Donald Sutter, denied that his son could have been the aggressor. "Josh didn’t have that in his heart to attack anybody," he said.

Medina, who was at that moment with his girlfriend, locked himself in his room, but Sutter managed to enter and that was when the actor stabbed his roommate with the sword.

Medina Jr., whose credits include the series "Power Rangers Samurai," pleaded guilty to a felony count of voluntary manslaughter in the stabbing death of his roommate. Prosecutors say Medina stabbed Joshua Sutter several times in the abdomen two years ago at their house in Green Valley, a mountain town north of Los Angeles.

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