“Rick And Morty’s” co-creator Justin Roiland celebrated his birthday a few days ago, and creator Dan Harmon greeted him via his Instagram account. Harmon joked around, asking him when “Rick And Morty” Season 4 is coming out.

Of course, Harmon's greeting was not just an ordinary greeting with the traditional birthday song. Harmon improvised a birthday song while driving in his car. 

Fans were happy to see the two creatives behind “Rick And Morty” getting along well. Harmon’s caption called Roiland a monster and a god, pertaining to his creative skills. The most important of all, Harmon asked Roiland, “where the f*** is Season 4?”

The mere mention of “Rick And Morty” Season 4 triggered some excitement from fans, and the comment section was bombarded with questions about the fourth season of the animation series. It has been more than a year since the third season of the show last aired.

Prior to Adult Swim renewing Season 4, Harmon had explained already why it usually takes them long to finish one season. Ryan Ridley, writer of “Rick And Morty,” explained that writing alone can take so much time on top of the animation processes. Season 3 followed almost two years after Season 2. However, the good side of having patience is that “Rick And Morty” is slated for 70 episodes.

The announcement for the renewal was released just a few months ago. It may mean that writing and production just started. As opposed to earlier speculations on an early 2019 release, it makes more sense if the release would be late 2019, just like with the previous seasons.

“Rick And Morty” uploaded a trailer for Season 4 on its official Twitter, which gained 1.92 million views. Viewers are anticipating the return of Mr. Puppybutthole and an Interdimensional Cable 3. Cast wise, the entire family Rick Sanchez will return for Season 4.

There were also speculations on guest stars voicing new characters in the show. Roiland had expressed that he wanted Ice-T to voice one of the characters, but nothing has been confirmed yet.