The patience of “Rick And Morty” fans is tested as the they wait for the elusive Season 4 premiere announcement. But one thing is for sure — as actress Sarah Chalke confirms — Season 4 is coming soon as the team is currently working on it, and the potential reasons for the delay of Season 4’s premiere have been revealed.

The waiting game is not new among the huge fandom of “Rick And Morty.” The “Back To The Future” inspired animated series usually takes a two-year gap in releasing a new season. Season 3 aired in 2017, so everyone is expecting that Season 4 will arrive in 2019. While actor Ryan Ridley confirmed that Season 4 will come out in late 2019, there is still no clarity on the exact date.

Actress Chalke, the voice behind Beth Smith, assured fans in Entertainment Today Canada that “Rick And Morty” Season 4 is coming out, but she just couldn’t reveal when. The actress added that the team is currently working on Season 4, which may mean that production isn’t done yet and Season 4 may not come out as soon as the fans may expect.

A few months ago, a report surfaced that Turner Broadcasting is to be blamed for the possible delay of the first stage of development of Season 4. Creator Dan Harmon confirmed in Kevin Smith’s podcast that he was negotiating with the company at that time but didn’t provide any more details. Some speculated that Harmon and co-creator Justin Roiland wanted a bigger share in the “Rick And Morty” merchandising rights but that Turner Broadcasting will not make it happen, atleast for the moment.

On the other hand, the blame could be put on Harmon. Harmon allegedly is known for pushing beyond the working budget and not complying with deadlines, which are problems for corporate entities like Turner Broadcasting. Speculations say that the company just needed a guarantee from Harmon to comply with what is agreed upon.

A few days ago, news came out on a co-creator developing a “Rick And Morty” inspired game called “Trover Saves Universe.” The game developer is the company owned by Roiland. The game has the same dark humor as “Rick And Morty” has and also involves space aliens, evil birds and a dog.

Roiland not only created the game, but he also voiced the characters in the game. Developing the game could have taken the creators’ time, which potentially is a reason for the delay of the much-anticipated Season 4. As of the moment, the only thing that fans can do is wait for the fourth season of “Rick And Morty.”

Rick and Morty Season 4 Rick and Morty Season 4 is teased to air sometime in late 2019. Alexas/Pixabay