Jwan Yosef
Jwan Yosef is Ricky Martin's new boyfriend and this is what we know about him. Instagram/jwanyosef

Jwan Yosef is Ricky Martin's new boyfriend. The couple made it official today when they both stepped out together at a gala event in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Martin and Yosef walked the red carpet together holding hands and putting end to the rumors around the pair. Both had been spotted in places like New York City and Tokyo which fueled gossip that the Puerto Rican singer had started a new relationship. It was all speculation up until now. But who is the hot Jwan Yosef? Read on to find out more about Ricky's new man.

1. Jwan was born in Syria, raised Swedish and is now based in London.

2. He is a talented and creative painter.

3. "I’ve always painted," he told Metal. "It’s always come naturally to me. It was an obvious step for me from an early age. However, it is not just something you become overnight but more so evolve and work yourself into over time."

4. On his culture influence being reflected on his work: "It’s two very distinct and different cultures and I’ve never really felt I belong to any one more than the other. However the mash up or the in-between state of those two cultures is magical, almost schizophrenic."

5. On the influence the current situation in Syria has on his work: "It’s hard not to be affected by the situation in Syria, especially when coming from Syria. But it’s hard to say now how that has affected my work when I’m in the middle of it."

6. His inspirations are Neo Rauch, Gerhard Richter, Jaan Toomik.

7. He likes to eat toast and eggs for breakfast.

8. His favorite thing to do in London is... eat.

9. He likes it super raw... his meat cooking level.

10. On what motivates him: "Obsessions in general, I create the most when I'm genuinly consumed by something. it can be anything from neck to a feeling."

11. He graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2011.

12. He loves going through Tumblr: "I have this obsession of going through Tumblr pages and flicking through thousands of images, just stocking up on any kind of imagery that comes my way."

13. He loves to put "Martha Wainwright's ‘Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole’ on repeat while working."

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