For “Riverdale” fans, news of Luke Perry’s death was a bitter pill to swallow. Avid viewers of the show have loved his character, Fred Andrews, for his fierce loyalty and optimism since he assumed the role in 2017. With Fred gone, what will happen to Archie’s story arc?

After production on Season 3 halted in the wake of Perry’s death, the show is now back to shooting. This means that his death did not throw off the production schedule too much and the show will not be deferred. But with Perry’s passing, it is interesting to know where “Riverdale” will go.

While it’s difficult to imagine the show without him, the show must go on. As the father of Archie, Fred has played a central role in Season 3. The current season has seen Fred and the other parents of Archie’s friends being lured to the school by the Gargoyle King, distracting them so he can keep them away from their children. Perry was still filming for Season 3 when he died, so it’s possible that fans will see him in a few more episodes this season. However, it’s unlikely that he was able to film all his scenes, so the show’s creators will have to do a bit of magic here and there to give the character a decent exit.

Because fans love Perry as Fred, it is very unlikely that the show’s creators will resort to recasting the role. But it is possible that Fred may die in the show. This will not only allow the series to acknowledge his death but will also allow the rest of the characters to mourn his loss.

Writing off Perry’s character may be a bit of a challenge for the show’s writers, considering that the actor can no longer film new scenes for the show. For Archie’s story arc to get going without him, it’s either Fred will need to die a natural death or be killed off by Hiram Lodge, Gladys Jones, Gargoyle King or any of the other villains in the show. If he suddenly disappears in the show, the writers will probably have to shed light on his mysterious death near the end of the season.

Fans will have to wait and see. “Riverdale” Seasons 1 to 3 are now streaming on Netflix.

Luke Perry Luke Perry speaks onstage at the Riverdale Sneak Peek and Q&A during New York Comic Con at The Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden on October 7, 2018 in New York City. Perry plays Archie's father, Fred Andrews, in "Riverdale." Andrew Toth/Getty Images