Director Matt Reeves' “The Batman” has been in the headlines since its release was announced for 2021. While the date of the film hitting the theaters is sadly very far away, the various castings in the film are more than making up for it.

The reports started with the open surprise (and dislike) of fans of Gotham’s superhero when "Twilight" fame Robert Pattinson was roped in to play the character of the Caped Crusader after Ben Affleck had quit as Batman following "Justice League" in 2017.

Now, there are rumours of another name getting added to the upcoming the Warner Bros-DC Comic flick -- Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey. As reported by Wegotthiscovered, McConaughey is being considered to play the part of District attorney, Harvey Dent in the film. For now, the makers are reportedly planning to feature the character in the first film only and if “The Batman” fairs well at the box office. They will bring about the second facet of the character -- the notorious crime boss Two-Face -- in the film’s second venture.

Even actor John David Washington is being considered for the role of the villain who terrorizes the city of Gotham. As of now, there have been no confirmations from Warner Bro. studios on which actor they have zeroed in.

As for the other characters in the superhero saga, actor Zoe Kravitz will be playing the role of Catwoman. Actors like Zazie Beetz, Eiza Gonzalez and Oscar winner Alicia Vikander were also being considered for the role, but Kravitz was ultimately deduced as the better fit for the character.

The character of Catwoman is the grey shaded anti-heroine in the story. She will be starring opposite Robert Pattinson. As for the other prominent characters highlighting the much-awaited superhero film, Jeffrey Wright will be seen as Commissioner Gordon, the police chief of Gotham City.

With a pre-scheduled release date of June 25, 2021, the filming of “The Batman” is supposed to commence in late 2019 or early 2020. The pre-production on the film is expected to start this summer.

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