Former Puerto Rican Senator from the New Progressive Party (NPP) Roberto Arango today made official his candidacy to preside the Municipal Committee and at the same time announced he will run for mayor of San Juan. But he has been in the news for much more than that. He has also admitted he is gay. Back in 2011 he had to resign to his seat in the Senate because of some scandalous naked selfies he took on Grindr. After that happened, Puerto Ricans everywhere questioned his sexual preference, speculating he was gay.

In an interview with NotiUno, he opened up and spoke for the first time about his private life. The interviewer asked him if he was gay and he said “Yes, but I am also a businessman, I am a father, I am a son, and also I like to work for the community, I like to help different communities. He was also asked about when he realized he was gay and he responded by saying “When I accepted it, because I am not a psychologist or anything related to that.” 

To make matters worse, Arango had always been associated with conservative religious coalition and had a history of anti-gay votes and worked actively against legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples. As a devout catholic, he commented that Pope Francis wants changes in the Church and stated “The Pope is transforming the Church. He is preaching a message of inclusion and tolerance. Our love towards others goes beyond judging their actions.” Here is a video of the former Senator’s interview with NotiUno.