A UK man went through a painful experience during a sex session.

“We present the first documented case of a vertical penile fracture … sustained by a 40-year-old man during sexual intercourse,” read the case study published this week in the British Medical Journal.

The anonymous man’s “penis buckled against his partner’s perineum.” He specifically suffered a broken penis.

According to the study, “up to 88.5% of penile fractures occur during sexual intercourse, with a 20-year retrospective study concluding ‘doggy style’ and ‘man on top’ as the two main” sexual positions that can put penises in danger.

This new case was unusual as he experienced only minor swelling and not the “popping” sound, rolling of the skin and other symptoms that are usually linked with phallic fractures. His erection also faded gradually. The patient was treated within a day to prevent complications like permanent erectile dysfunction. After the surgery, the man recovered, reported New York Post.

He was able to achieve “erections of the same quality to those prior to the injury, denying any penile curvature or significant palpable scarring.”

However, more research needs to be done before scientists can say whether vertical penis fractures “alter either the presentation or long-term outcomes following operative repair.”

In a similar case in 2019, a 48-year-old man from UK shared that he once broke his penis during sex, reported Cornwall Live. The man "heard it snap," and he told his girlfriend that something was wrong. "I grabbed hold of it and it just grew and grew. I didn't think it was going to stop. It went up to the size of a bottle of wine. It was beyond my control and scared me to death," he said.

"The pain was off the scale. It was really excruciating. It came in waves. I could actually see where it had broken and snapped. I knew that I had to go to hospital."

A "penile exploration" surgery was performed on him to repair the muscle, and surgeons also carried out a procedure to repair his urethra. Bandages were wrapped around his penis. A plastic rod was also kept down his shaft to the base of his penis so that the muscle healed straight. Due to the injuries during the sex session, he couldn't walk for days.

Surgery Representation image. Pixabay