Ronaldinho and Blessd launch soccer and music event
Latin Times/Alicia Civita

MIAMI - Colombian artist Blessd and Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho announced the "Sí Sabe Fest," an event to show the most vulnerable youth a space where sports and music intersect.

This event is set to be "the first of many. There is a big need, and we have big plans," explained Blessd, a prominent figure in the urban music scene.

Ronaldinho, whose soccer skills have earned him legendary status all over the globe, expressed this shared enthusiasm, emphasizing the natural synergy between their interests. "When there is affinity, things happen naturally," he said, highlighting the ease of their collaboration.

Soccer and music

This event, free for attendees and with tickets already sold out, will also feature other renowned footballers like Colombian Víctor Hugo Aristizábal. According to its two organizers, the "Sí Sabe Fest" is more than just an event. "It's a celebration of friendship," said both the Brazilian footballer and the Colombian singer.

Ronaldinho, who recently launched an album in Brazil, says that "soccer and music have also been intertwined. In my case, there is no frontier between both." His dream is to keep a foot in each world and help inspire every child, teenager, and young person to use the arts and sports to propel their dreams.

Former player Aristizábal also highlighted the symbiotic relationship between football and music. He noted that players often listen to music to reduce their stress levels and hold musicians in high regard. "Soccer belongs to almost everyone, and music belongs to everyone," he stated, capturing the universal appeal of these two cultural phenomena.

The "Sí Sabe" Album

The event, streamed by Colombian influencer Westcol, marks the beginning of several projects that Blessd plans to undertake in Miami, a city he regards as "the Latin capital of the world." The artist also plans to take the "Sí Sabe Fest" to other cities in Latin America. "Medellín, there is something coming your way," he said. With his initiative, he also aims to embody the cultural richness and diversity of Latin America.

However, this first event coincides with the launch of his third studio album, "Si Sabe," which features collaborations with Feid. This album, significant for Blessd, reflects his roots and pride in his native Medellín. "We want to change the perception of Medellín, showcasing the city through music, art, and football," Blessd shared, revealing his once-dream of becoming a football player.

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