For her latest album titled “Gloria a Ti,” Spanish singer Rosario Flores seemed to have reunited an exquisite selection of singles that came together at a perfect time for the powerful interpreter who travels effortlessly between emotional ballads in her own style to cheerful “rumbas” you can not ignore.

Her new tour, called after her latest album, has set around Europe and will land in Latin America pretty soon where she intends to give her fans an extensive taste of her new music and most famous songs like idealistic track “Qué Bonito” or strong single “Como Quieres Que Te Quiera.”

After passing by the Caribbean, Rosario will also share with her New York City fans with a promising concert on September 21 at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill.

We had an amazing chat and asked her few questions about this concert, her music and her participation on “La Voz Kids.”

LT: Tell us about your recent music tour.  What can we expect from this new show that comes right after such personal album as “Gloria a Ti”?

RF: I called the tour before my last album’s name “Gloria A Ti” but even though we will play five different songs from this new material I will also sing all my hits like “Qué Bonito,”  “Agua y Sal” and “Cómo Quieres Que Te Quiera”, with a very energetic show we have create for our fans.

LT: What countries are you traveling to before coming to New York City?

RF: I'm going to go through Costa Rica, Santo Domingo and because of the TV show I will be also touring back and forth between Spain and Mexico. I am also ready for New York City, my fans can expect a very energetic show filled with different genres and sounds. 

LT: You have traveled to a lot of Latin American countries, what Latin genres call your attention the most?

 RF: All Latin American rhythms call my attention a lot because they have a musical meaning. On those countries you see men and women dancing... you experience the joy. To me music is part of everyday life so it’s great to see those types of experiences. I identify myself a lot with them because I come from the Catalán Rumba, which is a Rumba with a very open rhythm. I love Santo Domingo's beautiful music, Colombia's Ballenato which I have done before, and of course the Mexican rancheras. Flamenco is very close to all that energy.

LT: Besides your great songs, what makes your new album so special?

RF: There's a song dedicated to my mother  called “Ay Mamasota” and I have a song that I had the chance to include on the album where I sing with my brother Antonio who also wrote it and did not have time to record it so I was able to take his voice from a little cassette and mix the voices making him sing with me. That’s something very exciting to me. Then you can finde flamenco rumbas, ballads, funky songs and various musical styles to which I always go.

LT: And, how is the experience of being a coach on "La Voz Kids"?

It has been one of the best experiences of my life, children give me wonders every day, they are wonderful. With my partner coaches I get along really well, David Bisbal and Antonio Orozco are great and we have had a lot of success in Spain. Then in Mexico with Emanuel and Manuel Mijares we already knew each other in the past but I have a great relationship with them.  I met Maluma last time I went and we also get along really well.

LT: Would you collaborate with some of the other coaches in the future?

RF: Yes! Why not, we're great friends and I wish we could do something together.

LT: What do you think about kids participating in these talent shows where they sometimes end up feeling disappointed after losing their chance to win?

RF: I'm just trying to see it as a game. When children sing and have aspirations it is very beautiful. But I take it as a game and let them know that because they could be discarded and it feels bad. It is important to let them know they will have many more opportunities in their lives.

LT: What's the most important message you want to provide with your music?

I’ve always been very spiritual and I talk a lot about love, life and nature. If you are suffering and need to cry, then put on a flamenco ballad and when you're happy play some Rumba and start your morning with happiness. It’s my mission to give people emotions. I think the best thing human beings have to express our feelings is music and it is an honor to offer that.