There is some sort of frenzy that comes with learning something new about the royal family. People are so obsessed with them because once they thought they only existed in fairy tales. But there’s a stark difference between the royals who people know today and the kings and queens in these tales. They don’t sit on their thrones all day. Instead, they perform official duties for which they are paid. And they are not necessarily the richest. Take a look at the daily jobs performed by some of the members of the royal family.

1. Queen Elizabeth

The Queen’s daily engagements include going on diplomatic trips, hosting heads of state who visit the country, opening new sessions of the Parliament and presenting citizens with titles of honor. The 90-year-old matriarch of the British royal family has a ceremonial role in the U.K. government. Every legislation passed by the Parliament must get her stamp of approval before becoming a law.

2. Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales’ main duty is to represent the queen in her absence. He is also in charge of foreign relations. Prince Charles is the current Admiral of the Fleet in the Royal Navy, Field Marshal in the Army and Marshal of the Royal Air Force.

3. Prince William

The Duke of Cambridge acts as the representative of the Queen when attending meetings and trips. His job is to help maintain foreign relations. In line with this, he attends state dinners and hosts important figures like presidents, royals and diplomats at Buckingham Palace.

4. Kate Middleton

Even the Duchess of Cambridge also has duties to fulfill as part of the royal family. Every day she attends briefings with her personal secretary and a bunch of advisers to be up to date with political affairs. She also steps in as a representative in the absence of the duke.

5. Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s job involves a wealth of charitable endeavors. Every day he supports a number of charitable activities and projects. He previously helped set up the international Paralympic-style sporting event Invictus Games, as well as Sentebale, a charity that helps orphans in Lesotho, South Africa.

6. Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex is currently the patron of London’s National Theater. As the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, she also attends events honoring young people in the Commonwealth.