A cousin of King Charles III chastised the monarch and the British Royal Family on Tuesday for their treatment of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, as many royal insiders say that the Firm continues to freeze Meghan and Prince Harry out of the official proceedings of the monarchy.

Christina Oxenberg, the third cousin of King Charles and whose mother is Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, said that although the Royal Family always hazed the women marrying into the monarchy, the treatment that they had for Meghan has been “treasonous,” according to Page Six.

“To Meghan Markle, I say, ‘What you are going through is a hellish kind of hazing,’” she said. “If she can just hang in there, someone else will come along who can take the heat. Nobody gets a pass.”

Meghan was reportedly snubbed by Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, with tensions continuing in the family due to the reported future release of Harry’s memoir as well as the past uneasiness between the two, the Daily Beast reported.

Though both sides of the family have been attempting to mend the fences, the estrangement continued to be apparent during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, with Harry not being allowed to wear his military uniform and the couple reportedly not being invited to a reception for world leaders.

“There is still a serious amount of distrust in the air and there hasn’t been any cause for that to change,” a royal source said. “The feeling is very much that there is little point in pursuing a repair in relations until all the cards are on the table.”

Oxenberg also cited a similar case to Meghan was the Royal Family’s treatment of Marie Christine von Reibnitz, now known as Princess Michael of Kent, whom she said was given no respect and constantly mocked.

“We always used to mock her because she kept referring to the royals as ‘delicious cousins.’ It [the hazing] was all done out of habit and not full of hatred and violent plotting. I was a witness,” she said.

“They are tough, they are tough on foreigners,” she claims. “It’s not about your skin color, it’s about being a foreigner.”

A cousin who was once close to King Charles III said on Tuesday that the treatment of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has been "hellish" and "treasonous" as the Royal Family allegedly continues to push the Sussexes away from official events. Karwai Tang/Getty Images.

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