Prince Andrew has been thoroughly disgraced by his relationship with convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. The Duke of York was once again placed under a microscope after one of Epstein’s victims — Virginia Roberts Giuffre — accused him of several sex offences she claimed was done when she was just 17. Andrew has maintained a low profile, but the serious scrutiny has placed the reputation of the royal family under serious fire.

Epstein’s death by suicide blew the situation out of proportion, which placed much more attention to the case and Andrew’s involvement than it had previously. The Duke of York and the Palace have denied all the allegations thrown against him, but the onslaught continues.

Sources explain that the claims have brought “a lasting whiff of scandal to the monarchy,” thus besmirching the royal’s reputation. The resulting backlash found the royal family’s invitations to some engagements in Northern Ireland withdrawn because of Andrew’s possible attendance to it. 

According to sources, it was not the royal family’s prerogative to pull out. Rather, the hosts themselves chose to disallow Andrew’s participation. The duke’s participation might “change the narrative” of the event, explained one organization. One of the events that saw the duke’s invitation rescinded was the celebration of the Portrush railway station’s progress — which just had a £5-million upgrade.

This also came a few days after the hosts of a golf event in Northern Ireland allegedly received flack from the royal course’s golfers for allowing the Duke of York to attend. Despite the outburst and seeming slight, Andrew will still make an appearance at the youth golf tournament on the North Anrtrim coast. The golfing event will be held at the Royal Portrush Golf Club, which Andrew is both a member and patron of.

“The Duke of York has a full programme in Northern Ireland as founder of The Duke of York Young Champions Trophy,” said the Palace spokesperson. “HRH will undertake a number of engagements related to the Tournament, at which there will be 66 sportsmen and women from 35 countries. The Duke will meet volunteers, supporters and representatives from local businesses, host the Tournament dinner, attend the Tournament and present prize.”

Prince Andrew The Duke of York the opening of a new building for the collaborative research facility at The Hartree Centre in Daresbury. Science and Technology Facilities Council Follow/Flickr