For fans, royalty and tattoos do not just seem to mix. After all, it was not so long ago when this type of body art was frowned upon. But times are definitely changing as these royals have proven that tattoos are also fit for royalty.

Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall

This might come as a shock to most fans, but Camilla, Prince Charles’ second wife, had her hand inked a few years back. This happened when the royal couple visited Zanzibar back in 2011. While the art was just a henna tattoo, fans were no doubt pleasantly surprised to see this playful and unconventional side to her.

Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge

Who would have thought that the prim and proper Kate Middleton had it in her to get inked? Well, she did just that back in February 2018. But just like Camilla, Kate opted for the non-permanent kind. She had a henna tattoo in Sunderland during an opening of an artist’s residence.

Princess Stephanie Of Monaco

Now it’s time for a few daring royals abroad. Princess Stephanie of Monaco, who is sometimes referred to as the original “rebel princess,” certainly lived up to this moniker based on the number of permanent tattoos she has. But it’s probably expected of her to keep up with the trends. She has, after all, the blood of Hollywood royalty running through her veins from her mother, Grace Kelly.

Frederik, Crown Prince Of Denmark

Now it’s time for the boys to show that they’re just as daring as the girls. A perfect example of a royal male who’s not afraid of getting a permanent ink is Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark.

He has a tattoo that reads “pingu” on his arm, as well as a shark tattoo on his calf. But this body ink is actually considered a tradition passed down from his grandfather, King Frederick IX. Now that’s one cool royal grandpa.

Lady Amelia Windsor

England also has a representative royal who is man enough to get the real deal — by getting permanently inked. Actually, the royal is not a man as she is, in fact, one of the most beautiful female royals in the younger generation — Lady Amelia Windsor.

The 23-year-old royal trendsetter just recently showed off her rib-cage tat during the Serpentine Summer Party. For those who are wondering who she is, Lady Amelia Windsor is the 38th in the line of succession to the British throne, the granddaughter of Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent.

Lady Amelia Windsor Lady Amelia Windsor attends Salvatore Ferragamo Dinner Party during Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/20 on February 23, 2019, in Milan, Italy. Jacopo Raule/Getty Images for Salvatore Ferragamo