For normal people, traveling can be a tedious thing. It involves having to limit luggage, dealing with plane delays, standing in line at security and a lot more. Because of that, it is interesting to know if the privileged members of the royal family even deal with any of these things. Here are things you need to know about how the royal family travels:

1. They don’t travel for vacation’s sake. While normal people travel to take a break, the royals travel for official businesses — to greet dignitaries, meet heads of state and visit charities.

2. They don’t travel with track pants. Unlike normal people who travel with their comfortable track pants, the royals travel in style, always wearing their smart and polished suits and dresses.

3. They travel with commercial airlines. Royals have to stick to a certain budget when they travel, so they sometimes take scheduled flights of commercial airlines.

4. They don’t travel without a security team. Although the royals do not always fly private, they never fly without their team of security experts.

5. Their go-to airline is British Airways. When royals take a commercial plane when traveling, they always fly with British Airways to support their country’s local airline.

6. They are subject to immigration rules. All immigration rules also apply to royals. This means that even the littlest royals have passports when traveling overseas. The only royal who can travel without a passport is Queen Elizabeth.

7. Kate’s personal stylists are always part of the entourage. Kate always brings the comfort of home with her when she travels, so her personal hair stylist and fashion stylist are always part of the entourage.

8. They travel with their secret stash of booze. When Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall travel, their police bodyguard discreetly brings a bag of their drinks, which usually include gin, tonic and red wine.

9. They travel with their royal photographers. When royals travel, royal photographers are always with them to document everything — from the time they leave the palace to the time they return.

10. They travel with six-figure budgets. While the price tag of official trips vary, they usually cost at least $100,000. There was a time, however, when Kate and Prince William traveled to New York with a relatively modest budget of only $26,600.

Royal Family Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Prince Charles, Prince of Wales; Prince George of Cambridge; Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Queen Elizabeth II; Prince Harry; and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (R), watch the fly-past from the balcony of Buckingham Palace following the Trooping The Colour ceremony. Chris Jackson/Getty Images