Recent media attention has focused on the eerie legend of the ghost that emerges in Windsor Castle just before a Queen or King passes away there.

Due to numerous reports of ghosts and spirits that royal family members and servants have encountered throughout the years, Windsor Castle is thought to still be the most haunted royal homes. Even Queen Elizabeth II experienced several paranormal encounters.

Many news sources, like My London, compiled a list of all the infamous incidents that occurred inside the castle.

Some claimed that one spirit even appeared before the monarchs passed away.

Herne the Hunter is the phantom in question, Britannica wrote. According to legend, Herne the Hunter makes an appearance in Windsor Great Park when the monarch or Queen approaches their demise. Furthermore, it happens when the country is in danger.

When the mythology of a keeper at Windsor during the reign of King Richard II first surfaced, tales of Herne the Hunter's sightings began to circulate. After suffering a hunter injury, the staff member had animal antlers sewn into his head.

Although the king praised him for his bravery, other hunters grew envious of him and accused him of practicing dark magic and stealing. He was discovered deceased the following day.

Royal Collection Trust mentioned that the biggest and oldest European castle, Windsor Castle, was constructed in the 11th century. That being the case, it is not unexpected that the Queen herself had those sightings.

In addition to Herne the Hunter, the late Queen is said to have seen over 25 spirits recently.

King Edward IV, King Henry VIII, King Charles I, King George III, King George IV, King William IV, King Edward VII, King George V, and King George VI are among the former rulers whose final resting place it is at the moment.

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret reportedly saw the spirit of Queen Elizabeth I wandering the library, House Beautiful wrote.

King George III was also seen peering out of a window in one of Windsor Castle's rooms by onlookers. Additionally, as he travels around the castle, King Henry VIII drags his leg and makes obscene noises.

Even the decapitated woman who sits by a window and sobs is thought to be the ghost of the late king's second wife, Anne Boleyn.

People walk along the Long Walk leading up to Windsor Castle in Windsor, west of London on May 8, 2018. - Britain's Prince Harry and US actress Meghan Markle will marry on May 19 at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images

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