A woman was left traumatized after she allegedly woke up to find a Royal Navy sailor raping her.

When the woman got up, she found her pants pulled down to her knees, and leading Seaman Sam Avery allegedly having sex with her, with his hands placed on her waist, reported Daily Mail.

Bulford Military Court, Wiltshire was told that the woman, who is his colleague, had rejected two of his previous advances before falling asleep after she had allowed him to spend the night in her bed, according to The News.

According to her, there was no kiss or a friendly hug between them and the only sexual contact between the two were the advances she had turned down, so the attack "came out of nowhere." After the incident, the woman asked Avery, "have you realized what you have just done?"

Prosecutor William Peters said that she was watching a football match with her friends at a pub in Portsmouth, England, before returning to her place. Peters said that the woman and the accused knew each other through social media, but she did not know Avery's name as he used a group account to message her. While she was at the pub, she exchanged messages with Avery. Later, the two met then she called him back to her room for a drink and agreed to let him sleep in her bed as it was not unusual for sailors to bunk with each other.

Peters said, "He made two efforts to touch her intimately but she rebuffed his advances and pushed him away."

During an interview with police, she said that she was shocked by the alleged attack, and shared that he touched her on her waist area, she grabbed his hand and said "no" after which he stopped. About five minutes later, he proceeded to do it again then she caught his hand and said "no I told you not to" then again he stopped. She went off to sleep and was woken up by him inside of her. The woman said that he was grunting and making pleasure noises as the alleged rape happened. His DNA was found inside her, the court was told.

Avery messaged her the day after the alleged attack asking if she was okay, she said in the police interview. She replied saying that she was traumatized, and she was not okay after what he did to her as he did not have consent. He apparently read that message, but didn't reply.

The trial is still on. He denied one charge of rape, and told the court that he does not remember having sex with her but if anything happened, it must have been consensual.

Representation Image Woman Crying Desperation Counselling/ Pixabay