A Russian serviceman patrols the territory of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station in Energodar
Ukraine To Receive NASAMS Air Defense Systems Within 60 Days: Pentagon Getty Images | Andrey BORODULIN / AFP

Russia will need to regroup and come up with a better battle plan with Ukraine slowly reclaiming previously lost territory.

The past weeks have seen Ukraine retake regions such as Kharkiv, raising questions about what Moscow has up its sleeve with initial efforts directed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin seemingly falling short of its objective.

Hence, Russia may end up trying to come up with a new strategy if it wants to continue its Ukraine invasion. But looking at things ahead, doing so will not be easy

With winter fast approaching, Russia will have to determine which front they plan to focus on. Also, they will need to figure out how to execute their objective of Putin, that which is to take over the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, CNN reported.

As of this writing, Russia controls about 20% of Ukraine's land. This includes Crimea and certain parts of the south.

As far as Donetsk, taking over seems like a tall order for Russia at this point. After struggling to take over the region in the past months, the task of doing so may get even harder under wetter and colder weather conditions.

Since losing one of three axes of Donetsk, Moscow has had little progress on the other two since June. Further, Russian defense in Kherson is under the radar despite getting reinforcement.

A reason seen behind this is Ukraine’s success in cutting off resupply across the River Dnipro.

Given this scenario, Russia may not have the necessary fresh units to reinforce their embattled military units.

There are reports of discipline fraying among Russian units. Also, the disorderly retreat in Kharkiv, with vast amounts of military hardware abandoned, is a testament to that. In all these are instances that clearly show that the Russian woes cannot be remedied overnight.

[Representational image] TOPSHOT - Ukrainian Military Forces servicemen of the 92nd mechanized brigade use tanks, self-propelled guns and other armored vehicles to conduct live-fire exercises near the town of Chuguev, in Kharkiv region, on February 10, 2022. - Russia's deployment for a military exercise in Belarus and on the borders of Ukraine marks a "dangerous moment" for European security, NATO's chief said on February 10, 2022. SERGEY BOBOK/AFP via Getty Images

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