A 28-year-old man who was behind the abuse and death of a five-year-old boy in Russia has been revealed. Worse, it appears the child’s mother was in on it after it was revealed that both connived to hide the truth by staging a fake picnic.

Accused of the death of Vova Paschenko were Sergei Bogurkov and the mother of the boy known only as Alena.

The 28-year-old man allegedly brutally battered the five-year-old and then convinced Alena to fake a family picnic. From there, both made up the story that the child ran away from the picnic to follow a cat earlier this month and vanished.

But all that changed after video footage showing the man carrying the boy’s body emerged. He was seen leaving the apartment carrying the body of Vovo in a zipped checkered laundry bag.

Reports claim that Bogurkov got enraged on June 8 after a spat between the 28-year-old and the young lad broke out.

Bogurkov allegedly punched and kicked Vova repeatedly over his head and body before the family went to bed. They allegedly found Vova dead the following day.

To hide the incident, it was here when they bagged the lifeless body of the child and then proceeded to take it to woodland on the banks of the Kuban river in the Gidostroy area, burying the body in a shallow grave on the evening of June 10.

After this, the mother allegedly went to the police and told them that their son had run after a cat and then disappeared. Authorities searched, found the boy’s body and then sent it for autopsy.

However, it was not mentioned how police singled out the couple as the suspects behind the boy’s death. But it appears the obtained CCTV footage from the security camera was what led to the gruesome revelation of the crime.

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