Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah
Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah has called for humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza AFP

Liverpool and Egypt football star Mohamed Salah called for humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza on Wednesday as he pleaded for an end to "massacres" in the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas.

Gazans have been facing dire shortages as the territory was effectively sealed off in the wake of the October 7 attacks by Hamas militants on Israeli communities and military posts that claimed 1,400 lives.

On Tuesday, a deadly rocket strike hit a Gaza hospital that Hamas blamed on Israel.

However, Israel denied responsibility, claiming the strike was caused by an errant rocket fired by Palestinian militants.

A Champions League and Premier League winner with Liverpool, Egypt captain Salah, 31, is one of the most popular athletes in the Arab world.

"It is not always easy to speak in a time like this. There has been too much violence and too much heartbreak and brutality," Salah said in a video posted to his 62.7 million followers on Instagram.

"The escalations in recent weeks is unbearable to witness. All lives are sacred and must be protected. The massacres need to stop, families are being torn apart."

After a visit by US President Joe Biden to Tel Aviv on Wednesday, Israel said it had agreed to his request to allow aid into the besieged Gaza via Egypt due to mounting concern about dwindling supplies and warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe.

"What is clear now is that humanitarian aid to Gaza must be allowed immediately. The people there are in terrible conditions," Salah added.

"The scenes at the hospital last night were horrifying. The people of Gaza need food, water and medical supplies urgently.

"I am calling on world leaders to come together to prevent further slaughter of innocent souls - humanity must prevail."