The Samsung Galaxy 20 is finally here. The standard variant of the Korean brand’s latest flagship lineup was unveiled at the Unpacked 2020 in San Francisco along with higher-end variants Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra, as well as a new foldable phone Galaxy Z Flip.

Being the standard model, the Galaxy S20 is the cheapest in Samsung’s new flagship lineup. What’s even more exciting is that it has significantly improved specs and features compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S10. The newer model comes with a vastly improved camera package, longer-lasting battery and has 5G connectivity as default in many markets.

Of course, specs-focused buyers might opt for the Galaxy S20 Ultra with its amazing 108MP camera and either top-of-the-line features. But for most smartphone users, the based Galaxy S20 will do just fine.

The smartphone features a 6.2-inch screen with fluid tech capable of delivering impressive visuals, Tech Radar reported. However, it’s the phone’s three-camera assembly at the back that got people talking.

At one glance, Samsung fans will probably notice that the Galaxy S20’s three camera sensors are a bit larger compared to those found in the S10. But that’s not the only aspect that’s getting a boost as the company also increased individual pixel size from 1.4 microns found on the S10 to the 1.8 microns on the S20.

The Galaxy S20’s telephoto lens has been significantly improved as well. From the 12MP found on S10, the S20 now sports a 64MP lens capable of 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom. In addition, the phone is capable of recording 8K videos which is a plus for those who want to use the phone for content creation.

The standard Galaxy S20 has 12GB of Ram and 128GB of storage. The good thing is that it also has a microSD card slot so users have the option to transfer files to the card to free up the phone’s memory. The phone is powered by a 7nm chipset which is faster.

Battery capacity has been improved as well. The Galaxy S20 has a 400mAh battery but it remains to be seen if it’s enough to keep up with the expected battery-draining 5G feature.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 price is $999, which is a bit steep for a base model. For comparison, the previous flagship Galaxy S10 was only priced at $899 when it launched in March 2019, according to CNBC. For buyers who feel that the host of improvements is worth the $100 price increase, then the S20 could be the perfect smartphone for 2020.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is slated for a March 6 release for the U.S. and Australian markets. The smartphone will arrive a week later for U.K. customers and with a release date scheduled on March 13.

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