At its Unpacked press event in San Francisco on February 11, Samsung finally unveiled its new foldable device, the Galaxy Z Flip.

It is scheduled to go on sale on Friday, February 14, in select store and online, with two out of its available three colors going on the floors- purple and black. It is a  6.7-inch smartphone that folds into a square about half its size and has a small 1.1 inches OLED rectangular display on the front cover for notifications.

A limited-edition of the flip phone was also unveiled by Samsung in partnership with the New York fashion brand Thom Browne. It featured the brand's signature red-white-and-blue stripe on a gray exterior.

"This is no ordinary smartphone. It changes everything," said Rebecca Hirst, Samsung's head of UK mobile marketing.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip’s price

The launch will feature three variants of the phone- the 6.2-inch S20 at $999.99; the 6.7-inch S20+ starting at $1199.99; and the 6.9-inch S20 Ultra starting at $1399.99. So approximately, the phone will cost $1,380. But even though it is one of the costly S20s, it is cheaper than its competitor the rebooted Razr flip phone of Motorola at $1,500.

Specs of Galaxy Z flip which is thankfully very different from the troublesome Galaxy Fold

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, which had tonnes of negative reviews of its folding screen breaking too easily, Galaxy Z Flip comes with an "ultra thin"  “Infinity Flex Display,” that won't break as easily this time.

"This glass is built to last," Hirst said

Weighing 183 grams, the Galaxy Z is powered by a 64-bit octa-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. It also has a three-stop hinge that allows you to separately use two halves of the screen while keeping it propped up. It has a dual CAM mechanism to hold it open at a range of angles so that you can prop the phone on a flat surface and take a selfie with the camera plus the controls on the cover display of the flip phone. 

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