Aside from its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S11, fans have been waiting for the Korean brand’s next foldable handset. Rumors about the phone, which the media has dubbed as the “Galaxy Fold 2,” have been swirling around for the past months.

But if recent reports are correct, tech watchers should probably start calling it the Galaxy Fold 2. According to GSM Arena, Samsung has already revealed the name of the foldable gadget and it’s going to be called the Galaxy Bloom when it releases.

Of course, Samsung did not reveal the phone’s name to the public yet. According to the report, the name came up when the company held secret meetings with carriers and partners at the CES 2020 to introduce its wares.

There is nothing suspicious about Samsung meeting is partners in secret at all. The report added that the company held secret meetings in the past so it has become some sort of tradition for the company during the event.

The Galaxy Bloom name was revealed by Samsung Electronics president DJ Koh, who is also in charge of the company’s mobile division. As proof, there was even a blurry shot of the foldable phone which was reportedly done in haste by one of those who attended the meeting.

The Korean brand wants to target the Galaxy Bloom to women in their 20s. This probably explains the company’s choice of a flowery name for the model. The design was reportedly inspired by Lancome compacts that becomes evident if one tries to put them side by side.

Unlike the Fold, which has a plastic film on top of its screen, the Galaxy Bloom will come with an ultra-thin glass instead. The gadget comes in both 4G and 5G versions and will be capable of shooting 8K videos.

Meanwhile, Koh also revealed that Samsung sold around half a million of the Fold model last year. “I think we’ve sold 400,000 to 500,000 Galaxy Fold smartphones,” Koh said according to The Verge. This is indeed a surprising number taking into consideration the number of issues surrounding the foldable’s launch last year.