Sara Maldonado Televisa: Actress Returns To Network, Hopes To Land Role In 'Gran Hotel' Remake

Sara Maldonado
Actress Sara Maldonado poses in the pressroom at the 2013 Billboard Mexican Music Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on October 9, 2013 in Hollywood, California. Mark Davis/Getty Images

After portraying the leading role of Camelia Pineda in the 2014 Telemundo novela "Camelia, La Texana," Sara Maldonado is happy to be back home. The Mexican actress, who lived in the United States while she filmed the series, is not only thrilled to be living in her native country, but also to have returned to Televisa ---the network that watched her acting career bloom and where she starred in popular novelas such as "Clase 406."

"I'm back home, it's good to do new things and that's why we're here," the 35-year-old actress said, according to TVNotas. "I'm auditioning for 'Alicia En El Gran Hotel,' and I'm very happy and excited." 

Maldonado, who recently got engaged to her architect boyfriend, is not the only star hoping to land the leading role in the forthcoming remake of the Spanish series set in an early 20th century aristrocratic hotel. Producer Roberto Gomez Fernandez also has his eyes set on actresses Ana Brenda Contreras, Cecilia Suarez, Ximena Herrera, Zuria Vega, Danna Garcia and Ximena NavarreteWe wish Sara all the luck in the world and we're glad she's happy to be home!

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