Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson’s relationship with Prince Andrew has over the years been under the public’s watchful eyes. After the couple’s separation announcement in 1992, the public has taken interest in them and their life and even after they divorced in 1996. However, to the surprise of many, Prince Andrew and Sarah developed a stronger relationship after their marriage ended.

In fact, many noticed that they have become close and have been tagged as best friends by their daughters. When the media has nothing to get from them, the shift focused on Sarah. The Duchess of York became one of the favorite subjects for tabloids and gossips mainly because she is free-spirited and not keen on following royal protocols.

But people immediately observed Sarah and Queen Elizabeth’s relationship and compared it before and after the divorce. The Duchess of York has reportedly established a good relationship with her mother in law. Sarah’s biography, titled “My Story,” released in 1996, spilled that she and the Queen are so close. Sarah calls her mama.

Amid the separation issues, the Queen even talked to Sarah about reconsidering it and holding on to her relationship with Prince Andrew. The two continued to communicate and spend time with each other until news released a photo of Sarah and new partner John Bryant embracing each other in a vacation. The photos became a scandal.

Ever since, the Queen turned cold turkey on Sarah. Prince Andrew had accepted that Sarah had moved forward, but news claimed that the Queen was furious. All invitations for the Duchess had been dropped, and she had been banned from accessing the Queen’s flight.

Sarah, however, tried to win the Queen over by directly asking for her friendship again. The Queen forgave her, and the two rebuilt their friendship and now spend time together over tea. An insider described the Queen as forgiving and always sees the best in people.

While the Queen has moved past the scandal involving Sarah, Prince Philip has not. Prince Philip considered ditching invitation for Princess Eugenie and boyfriend Jack Brooksbank’s wedding on Oct. 12. For the sake of his granddaughter, Prince Philip agreed to be photographed with Sarah for a family portrait.