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U.S. Secret Service arrested a Texas man who was spotted lurking near the vice president's residence around midday. He's now faced accusations of possessing arms and ammunition.

Authorities uncovered a rifle and ammunition while looking for the suspect's vehicle. According to an Independent report, several weapons were also confiscated, discovered in his car parked in a D.C. garage.

The man had an "AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, 113 rounds of unregistered ammunition, and five 30 round magazines," according to a police report obtained by CNN.

Cops caught Paul Murray in the 3400 block of Massachusetts Avenue N.W. in connection to a suspected individual arrested by the U.S. Secret Service based on an intelligence bulletin from Texas." Since a regional intelligence alert was released for the suspect, law enforcement approached him.

Since the Naval Observatory is undergoing repairs, the vice president and her partner, Doug Emhoff, do not reside there yet. The pair temporarily resides at Blair House, which is located near the White House. The renovations began in the Naval Observatory after former Vice President Mike Pence left office in January.

Reports have yet to confirm whether Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff were present when the seizure is still unknown.

Andrew Leyden, a retired Capitol Hill staffer who lives near the Naval Observatory, told CNBC that he saw the arrest while driving by on his way to the Irish Embassy to shoot a St. Patrick's Day video for his YouTube channel while passing by on his scooter.

“A bunch of cops passed me at the National Cathedral,” which is just up the road from the Observatory, Leyden said. “What was really odd was it was marked units and unmarked units.”

Cops surrounded Murray with a bike lying nearby on the lawn in a video Leyden took of the scene.

Leyden, who captured the incident on tape and shared it on Twitter, said he saw a scraggly-looking man who was handcuffed.

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 16: A Secret Service officer stands at a guard shack at the Vice President's home at the Naval Observatory, on November 16, 2016 in Washington, DC. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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